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Yellowstone Day 4

Early start today with some elk, sows and a bull along the Madison River.

Then onwards towards Norris Basin stopping at Gibbon Falls which spills over the edge of the caldera, and Beryl Geyser. Here the thermal plumes rise right adjacent to the river and a small waterfall looking fantastic in the early light.

A good 90 min walk around Norris and Porcelain Basin, the most pictures yet. Norris is one of the hottest and most volatile areas of Yellowstone, with many hot springs and fumaroles, being near the intersection of three major faults.

Porcelain basin, although adjacent, is very different, with hot springs and geysers with a very white landscape interspread with bright blue and turquoise pools.

Onto the Canyon area after lunch starting at Artists point. The canyon was carved through the sandstone by a glacier 14,000 years ago and now has Yellowstone river running through it and over a spectacular waterfall.

The trip back to West Yellowstone was again interrupted by a bison jam and a quick stop to watch two bull elk fronting up. 


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