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Oxbow bends-Grand Teton National Park

The image of the  Snake River with Mount Moran reflecting in its still calm waters is one of the most iconic images of  Grand Teton National Park.



During the last weeks of September and early October when the fall colours are at their peak you can the pulling to be full with photographers and coach loads of tourists all here for the impressive view as the aspens turn golden. But watch out for people walking and standing in your pictures!

Oxbow Bend in is located just a little over a mile straight east of the Jackson Lake Junction on Highway 89.  You can’t miss it- it’s where the Snake River gets extremely wide and Mount Moran is seen reflecting in the calm waters.

The area is also a wildlife hotspot with Grizzlies, Moose and otters regular sightings.

Top tips for photography ?

  • Use a range of focal lengths. Anything from 24mm for wide angled shots up to 300mm to pick out detail on the landscape.
  • Use a polariser to reduce reflection in the water and foliage. It will also make autumn colours pop.
  • Use a tripod and slower shutter speeds to get the reflection in the water. A polariser or ND filter will help on brighter days.
  • Try to take photos from various positions both from the pull-in and at the waters edge.
  • Be patient when coach loads of tourists stand in front of your set-up!
  • Be prepared to remove unwanted items such as other people from your photos..it’s a hard place to get a clean shot.
  • It’s definitely a morning location when you can shoot towards the mountains with the sun at your back.
  • Keep an eye out for the wildlife!


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One thought on “Oxbow bends-Grand Teton National Park

  • June 5, 2017 at 7:09 pm

    Such beautiful colours. We were there last summer, but I’d love to return in the fall. Some day!


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