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Jackson Hole 2

Another early start to catch the dawn light, this time at Schwabacher’s Landing where we saw the beavers in yesterday.

It was cold and crisp as the sun rose behind us lighting up the tops of the Tetons with a pink glow, the mountains reflecting in the still beaver ponds. stayed here for about 90 minutes watching the sun come up. No beavers this morning though.

On the way back into Jackson we saw three moose in the river bed, the bull with half of his rack of antlers missing, presumably lost in the rut.

The afternoon was spent travelling south through Wyoming.

Through the high plains cattle ranches, huge wide open space in all directions, the only vegetation sagebrush. Proper cowboy country.

Stopping at a truck stop at Daniel Crossing, which was also a game check area, I was a bit horrified to see the state issued guidance on the hunting of such animals as mountain lion, cougars, bears and badgers. All this within the Greater Yellowstone area.

Shocking. I can understand the need to cull deer and vermin and I have no problem with hunting for food, but trophy hunting?

Stopped overnight in Green Meadow, the rail centre of the US. Very industrial..like a Bruce Springsteen video




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