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Idaho Falls to West Yellowstone


Managed a trip to Walmart and a visit to Idaho Falls farmer’s market by 9a.m.

Travelling across the scenic Idaho countryside towards the Teton Valley, along the scenic Teton Scenic  Byway route though miles of agricultural land, with the Snake river winding its way through the landscape. Am amazed at how many  songs about “Idaho” Annmers has managed to download.

This is the land of big skies and lots of interesting barns.

The road heads up into the Teton foothills along the Teton Scenic Byway, through forests with its fall colours, the small towns of Victor and Driggs and again through miles of farmland before reaching the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway onto the waterfalls

When two waterfalls have their own scenic byway, you know it is worth the additional stop. Lower Mesa Falls and Upper Mesa Falls are spectacular waterfalls along the Henrys Fork River, deep in the Grand Targhee Forest. The winding scenic byway yields some spectacular views of the Grand Targhee Forest, especially during fall when all the quaking aspens and other trees are changing colors.

After a bit of impromptu off-roading we head for West Yellowstone, our base for the next few days while we explore the west side of the park.


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One thought on “Idaho Falls to West Yellowstone

  • September 25, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Beautiful photography. Big dramatic skies, soft colours.


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