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Badger Watching, Carmarthenshire

Last night I spent a couple of hours watching a badger family from a specially constructed hide deep in the heart of Carmarthenshire.

Badgers are elusive semi nocturnal creatures with excellent hearing and smell so staying hidden , down wind and quite are essential.

We spent a couple of hours watching up to 8 badgers, including 2 cubs as they went about their business, emerging from a underground maze of tunnels.

It had been a really wet day, and although the rain held of the thick cloud meant natural light was poor leaving the cameras to struggle in the failing light.

All the photos are taken on a Nikon D750, Nikon 300 F4 lens on Auto ISO to allow for fast shutter speeds to keep the photos sharp.

The light pushed my camera to the limit shooting at the maximum ISO 12800 later in the evening.


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